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Terminal Emulation - HotVT-SSH Specifications
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HotVT-SSH allows access to host data as a separate application or by opening a terminal emulation session through the Microsoft browser.

The following features are supported:
  • Supports the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
    • SSH1 and SSH2 protocols in a single client
    • OpenSSH key format support (private key / public key)
    • OpenSSH Agent Forwarding
    • 1024 bit Encryption ciphers. SSH1 and SSH2 supports Tripple DES, DES and Blowfish ciphers
    • Data compression
    • Tested with Red Hat 7.1/7.2 (Supporting the OpenSSH, www.openssh.org) and the Non-Comercial SSH1 and SSH2 servers (www.ssh.com).
  • HTML Control Center to configure and launch sessions (IE profile only)
  • Floating and dockable toolbar
  • Floating and dockable virtual keypad
  • Status bar information
  • Dynamic font resizing
  • Unicode true type font
  • VT, Wyse-60, SCO-ANSI & DG410 emulations
  • Powerful macro language
  • Microsoft Windows colour selector with support for colour schemes
  • Graphical drag and drop keyboard remapping
  • Kermit, Xmodem and Zmodem file transfer

The SSH feature primarily provides strong encryption such that the transmission of passwords, resources and data that were normally transmitted as clear text data will now be secured. The Data compression feature is a useful feature that will reduce network traffic on the WAN, Lan or dialup connection.

The SSH daemon is available on many common unix servers. The latest binaries, source, installation instructions and support for the SSH Daemon is available from an Organization called OpenSSH (www.openssh.org)

Two Profiles
HotVT-SSH provides a Microsoft IE Profile for users who want to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to connect to host applications.

The second option is a Microsoft Windows Profile which allows HotVT-SSH to operate as a standalone application.

Launching a Service
With the Microsoft Windows profile a session is launched by simply selecting a service name from the menu or clicking on an icon on the desktop.

The IE profile provides an HTML Control Center that allows the user to easily configure and launch a session from within the browser.

Toolbar Design
A customizable toolbar provides easy access to all the emulation features. This toolbar can be floating or docked.

Year2000 Compliance
HotVT-SSH is Year2000 compliant meeting every test in this area. The only section of HotVT-SSH that calls a date value is in the Macro Language. The DATETIME() macro function calls the Operating System Date and Time and so relies entirely upon the System Date and Time to be correct.

Screen Shots

HotVT-SSH Splash Screen

Service Setup parameters.

Service Setup parameters.
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 terminal, emulation, HotVT, Hot3270, Datamission, VT emulation, 3270 emulation, 5250 emulation,Terminal Emulation, Mainframe , connectivity ,connection, network , VT, 3270, 5250

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